Thursday, May 19, 2011

What Up Bloggers and Bugs?!

Hello Everyone! So I have, yet again, said I would blog and I LIED!! TO YOUR FACES! TO MY OWN FACE……I feel like a jerk about lieing to you, I wont do it again. I know for sure this time because I am now one of the awesomely cool Burtonesque Dolls! Being part of their group, I will be posting cool projects that I do up here. If you don’t know about them, you can check out their blog at

The Burtonesque Dolls

I will also be participating in the Smeared Ink Skull Appreciation Day Blog Hop! I already know what I’m gonna make for this hop, and I am totally excited to just get to it already!!! To check out information on the hop look at this:

Smeared Ink Skull Blog Hop

So yeah, sorry I lied to you guys so many time about posting…I am going to make a solid effort to be more active on my blog and my website and even twitter, especially now because of the Dolls, and also I got my new computer with my new keyboard that actually types!! Hooray!!!

If I don’t hold my promise this time, you have full permission to kick my ass…ok? good! Have an awesome day guys! <3


  1. Umm....I think I love you more...maybe? I'm not sure! HAHAHAHA <3