Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Blog Hop

Hey everyone!!! I just got back from seeing Twilight and New Moon in the movies, and boy was it great!!! New Moon was sooooooo much better then Twilight (plus there is way more Jacob! hehe) Anyway, about the hop!

You guys are probably coming to me from Jennifer O’s blog, or you found my by clicking on the link on the fabulous Twilight Tuesday site! either way, I hope you enjoy my project!!

I decided I wanted to make a New Moon inspired box.  I really love to make boxes lately, and I think this one turned out great!! You can keep all your Werewolf-y treasures in it!

Basically what I did was start out with a box, and embellish the hell out of it with colored paper, stamps, inks, glimmer mist and other stuff.  Here are the pictures:







The stamp on the top is an awesome compass stamp which is pointing North West (aka the direction of Forks!), and the stamp on the sides is this really cool stamp that has all this Moon and Stars imagery on it.  For the inside of the box, I copied and decorated a page right out of New Moon.  I finished the whole thing off with a screw as a closure because Jacob is a handy boy and is always working on fixing cars and motorcycles!

I hope you guys like it! If you do, and you would actually like me to make you one, send me a message! I would be happy to make them for all your New Moon fans out there!!

Up next in the Blog Hop is Jen del Muro, and you can get to her blog by clicking on this link --->  Have a great New Moon day everyone, and happy hopping!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Peer Pressure!

I started a blog, what feels like a million years ago, and I told myself “You’re gonna update that thing all the time!”……Well, I lied! I haven’t updated it ONCE!! I’m an idiot about blogging…..

Well, my lovely older sister Alison is an avid blogger. (Who knew! I thought she was allergic to computers!) She has been blogging a long time about her cool craft projects and other neat-o things about her life.  I don’t know how she has to kids, a husband, and the ability to blog all the time! That just makes me feel lazy!!!

She and I have little sisterly things that we share, like always watching Project Runway, SYTYCD, Vampire Diaries, and Community.  Or listening to nothing but Marilyn Manson or The Monkees in the car together. And last but not least, gushing about The Twilight Saga! 

As you all probably know, she has become quite the Twilight Blogger Crafty girl, and therefore, sucked me in too!! Hahaha  I also got an email from the Lovely Margie, about signing up for the TTIC New Moon Blog hop, so I couldn’t say no right?! Of course not!

So here I am, writing my first real blog about joining the TTIC girls on a New Moon hop! I do love the Twilight Saga, so why the hell not tell everyone about it!?! By the way, for all of you out there wondering, I’m Team Jacob……Sorry girls, I’m a Werewolf lover! Come to think of it, I kind of always have been…..My favorite old-timey horror movie is Wolfman….and Lupin is one of my most favorite Harry Potter teachers…..interesting…

Anyhoo, I will try to post things more regularly and put up some cool things that I am making.  I’m going to try to challenge myself to make a new sewing project ever week or ever other week. We will see how that turns out!

I hope everyone has an awesome day! Thanks for wanting me to join your little Twilight Blogg-y universe! I hope I don’t disappoint!! :0P


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well hello there…

Hello everyone!
How are you all doing today?! Good I hope! This is the blog that I started for myself because of the Strange Skin website. Jorge and I thought that it would be a good idea to have blogs of our own as well as a blog for Strange Skin! So here is mine….

I’m not really too sure what I feel like writing about today….I guess I can tell you that I have been working on putting up our latest products on Etsy. It’s taking a little longer then I expected…but they will be up soon! I am also trying to set up the other sections of the website, like updating the news and actually putting artwork in the galleries! Wowie! hehehe

Anyway, check back when you can to see all the updates and stuff that is happening on the website, and also here, at my blog! have a great day everyone!!

-Pam :0)